Just a medical student,

Dealing with life's screwballs

Which God turns into a homerun.

Today my dad made breakfast for me

I just wanted to put it down for the record that my dad made breakfast for me. He woke up early, pottered around in the kitchen, donated two of his cheese slices, put ham, put tomato, and slid in TOMATO SAUCE into my sandwich (what a surprise! I did not know till i bit into it. Delicious.) and gave it to me in the morning while i was in an insanely foul mood and being rude (usually from lack of sleep and having to wake up at 6am to get to the hospital in time) and rushing about in the kitchen to get out of the house in time. 

He also dumped in salad into my wanton mee that I eat for breakfast and then proceeded onto find my water bottle in my school bag to put in some honey for me…

I usually have a very antagonist relationship with my dad cos he wasn’t around very often when we were all growing up due to his job. But daddy, thank you. Even though i don’t show it.